Timeline of Events


Yel­low­stone Eruption

Y+0,  Yel­low­stone erupt­ed. It was the worst erup­tion that plan­et Earth had expe­ri­enced in sev­er­al mil­lion years. The erup­tion destroyed every­thing with­in fifty miles of the north­ern side of the Yel­low­stone reser­voir. Exten­sive dam­age reached a radius of near­ly five-hun­dred miles. The ash cloud would have destroyed the crops in the Mid­west if it hap­pened before the har­vest. Instead, it destroyed the top­soil of the world’s best farm­land. The acid rain also dam­aged much of the forests in the North­east­ern US. The death toll was in the thousands.






The Y+1 grow­ing sea­son did not hap­pen glob­al­ly. Luck­i­ly, the com­plet­ed har­vest had pre­pared a sig­nif­i­cant food store for the plan­et. How­ev­er, many coun­tries around the world halt­ed exports in response to the impend­ing loss of food pro­duc­tion. Many coun­tries around the world took imme­di­ate action to cre­ate ware­house pro­duc­tion of crops. By the end of the year, they replaced one tenth of glob­al food pro­duc­tion. Glob­al deaths were in the hun­dreds of thou­sands. The US mil­i­tary com­plet­ed a with­draw­al from bases out­side the US. This result­ed in anoth­er hun­dred thou­sand deaths from food riots and region­al wars. The action strained US/EU rela­tions. The exces­sive amounts of vol­canic ash in the atmos­phere led to a crash devel­op­ment of rock­et-pow­ered aircraft.