Short science fiction by Torn MacAlester

The following are short science fiction stories by Torn MacAlester.   They may be part of a collection at sometime in the future. However, I will maintain them here on the website for free.

Morgan's Road

Making a living on the Moon is not for everyone, but Nelson Carmike actually preferred the airless basalt plains over Earth’s windy prairies.

Unfortunately, three years of Moon prospecting left him penniless, and without funds for supplies he was doomed to face a forced flight home. Out of options, Nelson had all but given up until a prospector, presumed dead for twenty years, arrives on his doorstep with a secret.

Can Nelson figure out how the man survived on his own, and learn to do the same before his supplies out?

Morgan's Road

Golf and Outgassing

A sixty-year-old Moon mystery prompts Colonel Annie Macturner to make a risky decision. Intrigued by an interview designed to manipulate, Milton Johnson, a candidate that conflicts with her highly distinguished military background, is selected as her crew-mate. Can Annie solve the landing site mystery and unravel Milton's enigma before a life-threatening collision with the past occurs? Join Annie on every bounding step of her journey as she traverses the Lunar surface and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Golf and Outgassing

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The following Novels are by Torn MacAlester:

Thunder Moon Tussle by Torn MacAlester

Mask of the Joyful Moon by Torn MacAlester (coming soon!)


Other short fiction by Torn MacAlester