Short Fiction: Cold Contact by Torn MacAlester

Cold Con­tact is a sci­ence fic­tion short orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten for the Fic­tion Foun­tain. Of the cur­rent sto­ries on my web­site, it is the one not work­ing on the sim­i­lar theme to the oth­ers. You can read more of my short fic­tion at: Short Fic­tion. Most of the short fic­tion fits into a time­line of events: Time­line.… Con­tin­ue read­ing Short Fic­tion: Cold Con­tact by Torn MacAlester

Short Story: Morgan’s Road

Nel­son once felt inde­pen­dent. His life as a lunar prospec­tor at least seemed that way. With his mon­ey sup­ply dwin­dling, the stark real­i­ty of his free­dom had fad­ed to dis­ap­point­ment. The moon would like­ly win, and Nel­son would return to Earth. Then the stranger Mor­gan arrived mak­ing Nel­son ques­tion every­thing he knew about the moon,… Con­tin­ue read­ing Short Sto­ry: Morgan’s Road

Worlds of Science Fiction

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

I’ve been study­ing the sci­ence behind the worlds of sci­ence fic­tion with the inten­tion of using it for world build­ing. I’ve writ­ten a series of arti­cles intro­duc­ing these sci­ence con­cepts.  My inten­tion as a sci­ence fic­tion writer was to build a set­ting where at first glance par­al­leled the real uni­verse. Con­se­quent­ly, I tried to use… Con­tin­ue read­ing Worlds of Sci­ence Fiction

Thunder Moon Tussle (Excerpt)

What fol­lows is a short excerpt from “Thun­der Moon Tus­sle” my nov­el.  It is avail­able at, click here. Pro­logue Nils Carmike glanced at his friend Mil­ton John­son across the table con­tain­ing a half emp­ty fifth and two cov­ered glass­es with straws. They took a seat in the cor­ner of the Con­rad Sta­tion Hotel Bar… Con­tin­ue read­ing Thun­der Moon Tus­sle (Excerpt)

The Third Data Point

This sum­mer, we will wit­ness the begin­ning of a new era in space­flight with the launch of the Artemis 1 unmanned mis­sion to space. Like Apol­lo the Artemis pro­gram will enable human land­ing on the Moon.  More impor­tant­ly, the begin­ning of long term human activ­i­ties will cre­ate a new oppor­tu­ni­ty. It will enable us to… Con­tin­ue read­ing The Third Data Point

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