Torn MacAlester

I am a sci­ence fic­tion writer who lives and works in the west­ern Unit­ed States. My back­ground in sci­ence, engi­neer­ing, tech­nol­o­gy, and the mil­i­tary have giv­en me an inter­est­ing set of expe­ri­ences to begin explo­rations into spec­u­la­tive fic­tion. I am mak­ing an effort to be faith­ful to sci­ence while build­ing a fun and inter­est­ing sto­ry. At an ear­ly age, sci­ence fic­tion made a huge impres­sion on me. My lat­er read­ing of the sci­ence fic­tion made me real­ize that the authors were see­ing beyond the next hori­zon into a fan­tas­tic future. Fast for­ward to the twen­ty-first cen­tu­ry, I real­ize that the spark influ­enc­ing the authors of the past is alive and well. We may not live in the future they imag­ined, but our future holds equal promise and equal inspi­ra­tion. My sci­ence fic­tion adven­tures are set dur­ing human­i­ty’s emer­gence and achieve­ments as a class 1 civ­i­liza­tion. I hope you enjoy the sto­ries as much as I enjoyed writ­ing them.



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