One ben­e­fit of AI will be that the damn machine will actu­al­ly under­stand what you are try­ing to do. The draw­back is that it may not care!     Pho­to by George Mori­na: on

Timeline of Events

I have devel­oped a time­line of events as part of world build­ing.  I have opt­ed to share that time­line in the form of sto­ries and vignettes.  This is the means to read all of my work in chrono­log­i­cal order.  Peri­od­i­cal­ly, I will post a vignette that adds to this time­line.  Any addi­tion­al pub­li­ca­tions will appear… Con­tin­ue read­ing Time­line of Events

From the pages of Thunder Moon Tussle: Lunadyne Corporation

When Orbit­dyne began their lunar oper­a­tions, they changed their name to Luna­dyne.  They are the prin­ci­ple own­er and oper­a­tor of Con­rad Sta­tion.  Orbit­dyne was orig­i­nal­ly found­ed by Ava and Ernie McDer­mott.  Mor­ris Mason, the for­mer CEO of Mason Indus­tries, is a third part­ner in the oper­a­tion. Con­rad Sta­tion is cen­tral in Thun­der Moon Tus­sle.  Deputy… Con­tin­ue read­ing From the pages of Thun­der Moon Tus­sle: Luna­dyne Corporation


Moon­scape pho­tographed by Torn MacAlester from mesh ter­rain built from lunar dig­i­tal ele­va­tion map in blender.  The sim­u­lat­ed ter­rain was ren­dered in Open Simulator.

Crawler from Morgan’s Road

This pic­ture was gen­er­at­ed by the author using Open Sim­u­la­tor and the Deep Dream Gen­er­a­tor. Open Sim­u­la­tor Deep Dream Gen­er­a­tor   This tech­nique is a means to cre­ate what appears to be sketch­es using screen cap­tures of 3D scenes. The crawler is a pres­sur­ized lunar rover.

Selene Corporation Logo

One of the Lunar com­pa­nies in Thun­der Moon Tus­sle   Graph­ic by Renee Chris­t­ian; the very spe­cial Lady Selene from In the Pantheon

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