Cover Art for Morgan’s Road

Cov­er art by Shan­nan Albright Mor­gan’s Road By Torn MacAlester Mak­ing a liv­ing on the Moon is not for every­one, but Nel­son Carmike actu­al­ly pre­ferred the air­less basalt plains over Earth’s windy prairies. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, three years of Moon prospect­ing left him pen­ni­less, and with­out funds for sup­plies he was doomed to face a forced flight… Con­tin­ue read­ing Cov­er Art for Morgan’s Road

Conrad Station from Morgan’s Road

This pic­ture was gen­er­at­ed by the author using Open Sim­u­la­tor and the Deep Dream Gen­er­a­tor. Open Sim­u­la­tor Deep Dream Gen­er­a­tor   This tech­nique is a means to cre­ate what appears to be sketch­es using screen cap­tures of 3D scenes.

Virtual Book Expo

I look for­ward to read from my new nov­el “Thun­der Moon Tus­sle” on Sat­ur­day April 4 at 6:30 EDT (10:30 GMT) at

The Science of Morgan’s Road

  Repub­lished from DECEMBER 14, 2017 * SPOILER ALERT * It’s a lit­tle hard to talk about the sci­ence involved in a sto­ry with­out actu­al­ly dis­cussing some of the aspects of the sto­ry. So as a fore­warn­ing, I rec­om­mend that you read the sto­ry first and come back to this arti­cle. I’ll con­tin­ue with the… Con­tin­ue read­ing The Sci­ence of Morgan’s Road

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