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Apollo 14

Apol­lo 14 is the 8th crewed Apol­lo mis­sion and the 3 land­ing.  The mis­sion land­ed at the Fra Mau­ro High­lands.  The mis­sion last­ed 9 days and rep­re­sent­ed the first mis­sion after Apol­lo 13 acci­dent that scrubbed the landing.

I wrote a short arti­cle about Apol­lo 14 in 2022.

The land­ing site for Apol­lo 14 is cen­tral in my short sto­ry Golf and Out­gassing, a sto­ry about a return mis­sion to the Moon.  This land­ing becomes an impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tion in my upcom­ing nov­el Mask of the Joy­ful Moon.


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  • Apol­lo 14


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2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

The Space Envi­ron­ment: Impli­ca­tions for Space­craft Design — Revised and Expand­ed Edi­tion by Alan C. Tribble

Lunar Source­book: a Users Guide to the Moon edit­ed by Grant H. Heiken, David T. Van­i­man, and Bevan M. French

A new novel by Torn MacAlester

The long awaited sequel to Thunder Moon Tussle:

Mask of the Joyful Moon

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Thunder Moon Tussle Trailer

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This Week’s Short Fiction by Torn MacAlester

This week, I offer the vignette Clash of Titans.


Extrasolar Planets

By study­ing mete­orites, we can esti­mate the con­stituent parts of Ter­res­tri­al plan­ets. In Paul Voosen’s arti­cle from Sci­ence Week­ly, we find that water and oth­er volatiles are present.  Since mete­orites are the build­ing blocks of plan­ets, it sug­gests that Earth like plan­ets can form around oth­er stars.



Extrasolar Planets


Here is anoth­er exam­ple of a close orbit­ing ‘Earth like’ exo­plan­et in a video from Dr. Becky Smethurst.


Extrasolar Planets

Dust grains are the for­ma­tion of plan­ets.  Here is an effort to under­stand those grains:

For more ref­er­ences and videos see my page: Extra­so­lar Plan­ets.

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