Story Excerpt from Morgan’s Road

Mor­gan’s Road by Torn MacAlester After fill­ing the tank, Nel­son hur­ried inside. After remov­ing his hel­met, he saw Max look at him strange­ly. “What’s wrong, Nel­son?” she asked. “Noth­ing,” he said, feel­ing his face tug­ging with a grin. “Tell me, has there ever been an old prospec­tor called Mor­gan around the sta­tion?” “Mor­gan,” her hand… Con­tin­ue read­ing Sto­ry Excerpt from Morgan’s Road

Cold Contact

Writ­ten for: The Fic­tion Foun­tain 4 Aug 2019   Pho­to by Min An from Pex­els   Frank ‘Coot­er’ Ross looked at his books, try­ing to find infor­ma­tion about first con­tact. Where the hell is it? He thought. I know there is some infor­ma­tion here some­where. “What’s going on Frank?” said the female voice over the com­put­er… Con­tin­ue read­ing Cold Con­tact

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