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The Drake Equation

The Drake Equa­tion is an equa­tion that gives an esti­mate of the num­ber of radio capa­ble civ­i­liza­tions in the galaxy that could be detect­ed using con­ven­tion­al radio astron­o­my techniques.

A good overview of the Drake Equa­tion is pro­vid­ed by the Seti Insti­tute.

I have writ­ten an arti­cle about the Drake Equa­tion as part of my arti­cles con­cern­ing World Build­ing For Sci­ence Fic­tion.

In sci­ence fic­tion of the past, almost every plan­et had life and intel­li­gent life.  Since the space age, obser­va­tion­al data has shown the oth­er plan­ets of our solar sys­tem are devoid of intel­li­gent and maybe even life. High con­fi­dence of recent SETI search­es place lim­its on the exis­tence of ET. As a sci­ence fic­tion author, I’d like to keep with­in the lim­its of obser­va­tions, or at the very least, know when I’m vio­lat­ing them.

Below is a video from Astrum that dis­cuss­es how scary the solu­tions for the Drake Equa­tion are scary, no mat­ter what the answer.

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  • The Drake Equation

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This Week’s Short Fiction by Torn MacAlester

This week, I offer the vignette Sins of the Son.

As we learn about the uni­verse, seem­ing­ly para­dox­i­cal results are always refin­ing our the­o­ries.  In this case, our the­o­ries about gas giant for­ma­tion such as Jupiter, are put to the test when we find a mas­sive plan­et orbit­ing a small star.

Robert Lea has pub­lished the Mas­sive ‘For­bid­den Plan­et’ on

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