Short Story: Morgan’s Road

Nel­son once felt inde­pen­dent. His life as a lunar prospec­tor at least seemed that way. With his mon­ey sup­ply dwin­dling, the stark real­i­ty of his free­dom had fad­ed to dis­ap­point­ment. The moon would like­ly win, and Nel­son would return to Earth. Then the stranger Mor­gan arrived mak­ing Nel­son ques­tion every­thing he knew about the moon, prospect­ing, and inde­pen­dence. Nel­son strug­gles to resolve his finances and the mys­tery pre­sent­ed by Morgan.

Find out what hap­pens to Nel­son and Mor­gan in: Mor­gan’s Road a short sto­ry by Torn MacAlester

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