Excerpt from Thunder Moon Tussle

Thunder Moon Tussle received a five star review


“Stand by for inspec­tion,” he heard Miller’s voice on the Sta­tion Com­mu­ni­ca­tions line, giv­ing him a thrill and a dread­ful feel­ing at the same moment.

“Yup,” Nils mus­tered his best cheer­ful voice. “I’ve got the man­i­fest already on my pad.”

Nils wait­ed in silence, hop­ing she made this easy but fear­ing the truth. She nev­er made it easy. The last time, she made him sit for about twen­ty min­utes. He imag­ined her feign­ing to work up some report while she killed some time to ensure he got agi­tat­ed. He went through a gam­bit of emo­tions while he waited.

Nils opened the crawler door to the air­lock, wait­ing for Deputy Miller to enter and begin the inspec­tion. He hand­ed her the pad with the man­i­fest doc­u­ments, hop­ing she would find every­thing in order.

“Okay, Nils.” She said, set­ting down the man­i­fest on the con­trol pan­el. “What sort of restrict­ed junk do you have hid­den this week?”

“Noth­ing,” he answered, know­ing Miller would not believe him. She looked as stun­ning as ever, he observed. Every curve worked to her ben­e­fit. Nils could not think of a woman that exud­ed both phys­i­cal tough­ness and stun­ning sen­su­al­i­ty as Deputy Miller. She wore her deputy uni­form with her red­dish brunette hair tied back. Her sun­glass­es tilt­ed back on her head. His palms sweat­ed as her eyes flashed seduc­tive­ly while scan­ning the inte­ri­or of the crawler.


Thunder Moon Tussle received a five star review

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