Golf and Outgassing PDF


“Annie Mac, you’re looking good.” Said Capcom’s voice, my husband Cy MacInturner.

“What’s my time?” I asked, wondering how much time we had left for the first moonwalk.

“CDR, I show you with five seven minutes remaining. You just passed hour number five. Okay say it.”

“Say what?” I asked.

“I told you so,” his voice cracked after a couple seconds. “You did warn me.”

“Confirmed.” If we hadn’t wasted so much surface time celebrating me being the first woman on the Moon, we might be finished already. Cy had thought it would not take much time. I feared otherwise. Not including the fanfare of a conversation with the President, I stood alone on the Moon’s surface while the Administrator read the commemorative moment on live television. I imagined my space suited figure standing dumbfounded on a monitor screen for the fifteen or so minutes for the presentation. It was all time that should have been spent working.



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